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More insight in your furniture with just one scan

March 22, 2018 9:18 am | Door Ahrend

A smart, automated and reliable management of furniture: which Facility Manager would not want that? Especially when having to deal with offices in several locations, some of them even in different countries. Read along and discover how the Ahrend Asset Management System can always give you a complete overview of your furniture.

Existing Facility Management Information Systems (FMIS) help to create an efficient planning and performance of facility services. These systems often present an overview of all the assets in a building, such as installations and equipment. Even though an overview of the furniture is also integrated in the system, the information presented by this overview does not reach further than definitions like “chair” and “table”. This way smart management and sustainable maintenance of the working environment becomes impossible.

Always informed about your furniture 

The Ahrend Asset Management System gives substance to sustainable management by providing constant insight in the detailed product, location and financial information of the furniture. Product manager Bob Stamhuis explains exactly how it works.

“Every piece of furniture coming from the factory receives an unique QR code and RFID sticker. All the product information is copied automatically to the database of the asset management system. This information is also linked to the right customer and location.” By pressing just one button, the customer get access to all the information about his furniture within the Asset Management System. “This provides insight immediately,” says Bob. “What is even better, is the fact that the system stores detailed information about the state and the value of the furniture. By doing so, the Facility Manager for example can easily recognize the products that can be revitalized or recycled.” Sustainable and cost-reducing!

Use the Asset Management App to scan the QR-code on your furniture

Secure the value of your assets

At the same time, the Asset Management System helps in solving any reports. Did you spill coffee on the fabric of your chair? Simply scan the QR code on the product to report this issue and alternatively add a picture of the problem. “Together with all the relevant product and location information, the manager can review the reported issue. The issue can also be directly forwarded to Ahrend. Very efficient, since no unnecessary visits have to take place and the value of the furniture is secured.”

Using the Asset Management App, you get all the information about your furniture

Would you like to add assets yourself? No problem. Since the system is not restricted to Ahrend furniture only, the Facility Manager can add assets himself. The tool can also be linked to existing FMIS (Facility Management Information Systems), like Planon or Ultimo. In that way, you will keep a clear overview of all your assets in one system.

Did you get curious? Request a demo and give the Ahrend Asset Management System a try!

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