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3 circular trends at the Salone del Mobile in Milan

May 3, 2018 4:48 pm | Door Ahrend

The biggest furniture trends can be found at the Salone del Mobile – even in the area of a Circular Economy! Did you miss the most prestigious furniture fair of the world? No worries! Ahrend looked around at the ‘holy fairgrounds’ of the Fiera Milano in Rho and sums up the most important circular trends for you! 

Less is more (than ever)

Less is more, also in the world of circularity. The designers in Milan take that notion seriously. With just a couple of interesting pieces of furniture, they make big gestures. Because a well-designed, circular piece is enough of an eye catcher; all the rest is unnecessary.

De Ahrend Revolt is een tijdloze klassieker en een eyecatcher in elke ruimte.

The Revolt is an ageless chair that is an eyecatcher in every space

Modularity is elementary

In a Circular Economy, modular design is very important; you can change separate elements and re-use them endlessly. Also in Milan, modular furniture is booming. Exchanging separate elements with different sizes and mixing and matching these components appears to be very effective. This way the modular furniture becomes suited for different purposes. Do you want to read on your couch for a bit and watch television with the entire family after? Or does your small desk needs to offer space for a big group of friends? Modular furniture is not only circular, but also multifunctional!

Ahrend Loungescape is modulair en multifunctioneel.

Modular and multifunctional: the Ahrend Loungescape

Local materials

If you say ‘Italy’, you say ‘traditional hand work’ and ‘craftmanship’, of course. Italians get natural materials like wood and stone from their own country and treat it in their own workshops. More and more often, designers choose for sustainable. We see more materials that are 100% recyclable, like fabrics and wood species. Do you want to add colour to your object? Then the paint-bath consists of natural pigments that come from trees and plants. Not only local, but also fitting in a circular vision!

ReBlend van Ahrend zet niet meer draagbaar textiel om in een grondstof voor nieuw textiel.

Curious about how circular Ahrend is? Read everything about our circular vision.

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