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The 3 Best Ingredients for Lighting in the Workplace

November 3, 2017 4:32 pm | Door Ahrend

A tight lighting plan usually consists of 3 components: basic lighting, functional lighting and mood lighting. If necessary decorative lighting can be added to those 3. Since the basic lighting is often integrated into the ceilings of office premises(tubular lighting), the trick is to combine functional lighting with mood lighting in order to create the ideal lighting plan.

Sfeer verlichting

Edith Kuster, interior designer at Ahrend’s studio department says: “ Mood lighting is generally applied as the eye catcher within a room. Special lamp bodies by Flos and Moooi can be a wonderful addition to a board- or meeting room. It could also be implemented in a hall or reception desk. Our expertise however is mainly in functional lighting. Although Ahrend isn’t exactly a trendsetter (it is for a reason when we say “design is a tradition, not a trend”), we certainly are innovative and are fond of smart technologies and all sorts of gadgets.”

Kusters mainly aims at the ‘Refinery’ lamp by Ilias Ernst, a unique industrial design inspired by oil refineries. The 5 tube arms can be moved separately and in one of the tubes you’ll find a socket. Furthermore Ahrend applies ‘soundmasking’; lamp bodies which improve acoustics. The often hard materials (steel window-frames, glass doors or walls and concrete floors) need a soft counterpart. Besides the use of soft seating and carpets, there’s also the possibility to hang up lamps with lampshades that have been clothed with fabric.

Biodynamische verlichting - Comfortwerkplek

Another good example of functional lighting is biodynamic lighting; a collective term for dimmable luminaires with multiple colour light sources, in combination with an innate control system. Biodynamic light tracks the position of the sun, so that the natural light can be mimicked. Not only does biodynamic light stimulate wellbeing, it also improves work performance.

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