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The Workplace of the New Generation

October 12, 2017 2:53 pm | Door Ahrend

Millennials are set to become the majority of the world’s workforce in the coming years. With this clear and new development, fresh and new perspectives on how offices should look and function are taking over. Regardless of whether you’re looking to attract new talent to your company or just want your business to feel modern and contemporary, it could be an interesting first step to have a look at trends that create the office of tomorrow.

Flexible Workspaces
Having a workplace that’s modern, creative and efficient is important for millennial employers and employees. Nowadays more and more people want their office to become flexible and collaborative. Simply sitting at a desk a whole day will be hurting productivity and engagement, but having the chance to work and move can break up the monotony. Various offices create common areas for flexible work options and social events, as well as designing nooks or booths for privacy.

Flexibility through technology
The rise of millennials in the workplace and their embrace of mobile technology has enabled workers to move away from the confines of the traditional desk and workstations. Now people can work from anywhere. This flexibility provides a more adaptive and less rigid work environment that can accommodate longer working hours with a personal life to better achieve a work-life balance as many millennials desire.

If there is one thing millennials are growing tired of seeing, it’s dark cramped workspaces and cluttered desks. Minimalist design features, smaller devices, and wireless technology are helping to solve this problem. Even if an office is small, many companies are looking for work environments that can conceal the clutter while bringing a clean minimalist look to the surrounding. This has helped with opening up office spaces making them feel cleaner and way more attractive.

Bring in natural components
Bringing in natural components like reclaimed wood paneling, exposed brick, and plant life has become the norm in many modern offices. Millennials believe it’s essential to have their offices be both comfortable and enjoyable spaces to work in. The more people relax and make themselves at home, the less stressed they are in the workplace, which automatically leads to better productivity and job satisfaction.

Make sure there’s (a lot of) light
Lighting in the workplace matters to millennials. They don’t want to feel claustrophobic nor do they want to feel like they’re working in a sweatshop. Large open spaces with lots of windows that let in light are best in make an office feel inviting and connected to the world around them. When indoor lighting is needed, millennials prefer to avoid fluorescent lighting in favor of incandescent accent lighting and desk lights. Fluorescent lighting washes out offices and makes them feel sterile. It’s also been linked to migraines, headaches, eye strain, as well as anxiety and stress.
Of course, their preferences also affect the work atmosphere for the “older” generation. But the assumption is that this only causes positive effects on them too.

Source: Office Designs http://blog.officedesigns.com/technology-industry/millennial-led-office-design-trends-tomorrow/

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