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Get Healthier by Sitting Less

December 20, 2017 4:51 pm | Door Ahrend

As the human body was never meant to sit all day (and office employees practically do this on a daily base), it is very important to alternate sitting and standing during a work day. This has not only a positive influence on your productivity, but it also influences the state of mind, concentration and creativity; practically everything you would need on both a working day as well as your private life.

Balance sit/stand desk at TOPIC

You wouldn’t want to get health problems because of sitting at the office all day, don’t you? Thereby; vital and inspiring work envorinements make employees happier, healthier and way more effective. The innovative Comfort Workstation helps to find a good alternation between sitting and standing, while the workplace goes automatically to the desired height and a digital ergonomic passport stores personal settings.

And standing may seem exhausting at first, we will promise you; it isn’t. Actually, you’ll feel more energized and healthy. Check all positive consequences of standing at your workplace in the Infographic below:


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