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Four GID Recognitions Based On Craftsmanship

November 13, 2017 1:51 pm | Door Ahrend

On October 25, four Ahrend products received a Recognition for Good Industrial Design (2017). The recognised products include the unique designs of the Ahrend WELL Chair, the Ahrend Delta table, the Ahrend Balance 4-leg table and the Ahrend Hybrid Educational Table

Arnold Struik, Ahrend’s Marketing & Innovation Director: “After the Special Awards of last year, we are again very proud and grateful with these GIO recognitions. Even nicer is the positive feedback we received on our products, from visitors in the Klokgebouw in Eindhoven. Their comments confirm the fact that our product innovations are in line with our vision on a smart and healthy work environment. This way I would like to thank everyone in- and outside the organisation who has contributed to the development and success of these four product innovations.”

Their comments confirm the fact that our product innovations are in line with our vision on a smart and healthy work environment.

GIO Recognition – Ahrend Balance 4-leg
Unique family-concept with 2- and 4-leg possibilities
Ahrend Balance’s strong and modular design focuses on the facility’s need for organisations to quickly and easily adjust workplaces. Ahrend Balance 4-leg is the first workplace program that offers the possibility to combine 4-leg fixed-height benches with adjustable duo-workplaces, up to even standing height in one configuration.

GIO Recognition – Ahrend Delta
Surprising design with integrated electrification
Ahrend Delta is a special, unique and timeless design. Due to its versatile character and integrated electrification, the table lends itself to various purposes. Ahrend Delta comes to its own in every surrounding; be it a meeting room, a working environment or a dining room. The yoke, the placement of the table sheet and special details ensure a clear, recognisable design for a creative appearance. An upgrade for any living environment or workspace.

GIO Recognition – Ahrend Hybrid Educational Table
Innovative, flexible and effective
The Ahrend Hybrid Educational Table is specifically designed to deal flexibly with different forms of education. This computer device is applicable for both digital and regular education. The Hybrid Educational Table is suitable for interactive teaching as well as taking (digital) tests in the same space, which makes it possible to use square meters more effective.

GIO Recognition – WELL Chair
Varied range with extremely comfortable sitting comfort
The Ahrend WELL Chair is a complete seating range with as many as seven different options for the chassis; combined with a stylish, comfortable and ergonomic plastic tub. On the one hand, the chair is suitable as a comfortable visitor’s seat; on the other hand, it is a design that lends itself perfectly for informal meetings, consultations and lounge spaces. Thanks to its ergonomic seating comfort, the WELL Chair can also be used as a touch-down desk chair for shorter work.

About the GIO recognitions
GIO honors the craftsmanship of designer and producer. To qualify for this recognition, a product must meet requirements in terms of aesthetics, functionality, innovation, and choice of materials.

The annual award of the GIO is organised by Design Link. Design Link is an independent organisation that brings supply, knowledge and policy in the field of product design together. It aims to encourage and promote the development and professionalisation of industrial design in the Netherlands. GIO recognitions are being issued since 1986.

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