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Sitting and Charging at the Same Time on Basten Leijh’s Recharged

October 12, 2017 2:47 pm | Door Ahrend

No more “tired of waiting” at airports, railway stations or hotel/office lobbies. This innovative pouf of Basten Leijh makes you feel enlightened by its diverse colours lightening from underneath and its comfortable seating. Your mobile device won’t let you down because it gets charged wirelessly. So, talking comfortably on a seat bag, while up to three smartphones recharge their batteries wirelessly.

“Recharged” is a special type of seat: up to three people can sit on the round seat and charge their smartphones – without cables or plugs. On the colored pillows, it’s easy to relax while mobile devices on the circular Hi-Macs platform in the middle of the design furniture  are refueling.

Dutch designer Basten Leijh combines both in his design furniture, which he designed in collaboration with Royal Ahrend. “It’s made for a living and waiting room, such as lounges, comfort and technical state of the art. Padding and dust come together in a unique way with the tough Acrylic Stone, which is pore free and resistant to stains and scratches.”

The wireless charging mechanism was developed according to the latest inductive technology Qi by the Dutch company Zens. The material provides an ideal connection between the transmitter and receiver, such as a mobile phone. The Charging Station cannot be affected by water, scratches or other traced usage. At the same time, it remains invisibly integrated into the design furniture.

Source: http://www.th-medien.com/index.php/news-lesen/items/laden-im-loungebereich.html

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