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5 x Inspiration for a Healthy Work Environment

November 10, 2017 1:57 pm | Door Ahrend

A healthy work environment that stimulates employee well-being automatically leads to higher productivity, better results and more job satisfaction. Logically, this also results in lower absenteeism and some other interesting benefits. What is the impact of a modern and healthy work environment on preserving and attracting talent? How can you book results with relatively simple changes?

Provide natural light
Natural light in the work environment is like sunshine on a summer day: it gives energy. Light also stimulates some important processes in our body. Light fosters the production of vitamins; it has a demonstrable connection with a more pleasant and fitter feeling. Research indicates that employees who work in a room with a lot of natural light experience less physical problems, have more energy, sleep better and work better. Some good news for the absenteeism figures!

A healthy work environment is smart and innovative
A healthy work environment requires smart and innovative products that stimulate employees’ wellbeing and productivity. The Ahrend Comfort Workstation, Smart Working Services and Asset Management are examples of innovative solutions that facilitate a healthy, smart and sustainable work environment. The Ahrend Comfort Workstation is the first integral high-tech solution that gives people personal control over the workplace and optimises to maximize productivity and health. The workplace is completely personalisable; including biodynamic lighting, temperature, height and cooling, all based on a digital ergonomic passport and personal preferences.

Stand up!
A lot of sitting (work) activities significantly increases health risks. Despite this knowledge, the Dutch are the undisputed sitting champions. The big motto is: move! Standing promotes brain activity, which will automatically give you a better focus throughout the day. So take a walk in your lunch break, initiate a standing meeting or opt for a sit / stand workplace. Small changes that make a big difference. And if you are sitting, make sure you have an ergonomic chair that supports your natural posture in the most optimal way.

Green equals growth
Plants at the office generate happy feelings! A green healthy work environment is associated with freedom and relaxation. It improves concentration and air quality and creates a green work environment, leading to greater involvement in work and organisation. In addition to plants, there are plenty of natural elements that you can easily implement at the office. Mosque walls, wall planting, rock walls, natural furniture; All elements that have a positive effect on productivity as well as the reputation of an organization.

Offer freedom of choice in the office
The New Way of Working has long been interpreted as working from home. Meanwhile, the office is developing towards a meeting place and a place to share and collaborate. This last tip for a healthy work environment introduces the flexibility of “working from home at the office”, which means freedom of choice in the workplace. Facilitate employees through optimal facilities for various activities such as having a meeting, doing a presentation, work concentrated or making a call. In addition, you offer them freedom of choice and personal comfort. Thus, technology becomes an increasingly important part in a healthy work environment. An optimally furnished and healthy workplace even contributes to the overall work experience and thus the culture of an organisation. This defines a modern and healthy work environment largely the appearance and corporate identity of a company. And that is incredibly valuable. The labor market is tight. Talent looks at more than money alone. This also applies to potential customers. A positive, modern and sustainable association makes an organisation popular. As an employer, and as a customer or business partner.

Interested in a smart and healthy work environment? We are happy to help. Click here for all possibilities or read more about the Ahrend Smart Office.


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