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Keeping blankets and sweaters within reach at the office? Not anymore!

December 20, 2017 4:50 pm | Door Ahrend

For optimal productivity, the overall indoor temperature should be between 20-25 °C. However, the perception of a pleasant indoor climate differs per person. A personal climate not only has possitive effects on the employee, a heated table top can realise energy savings of up to 25% by lowering the room temperature.

A study (HVAC Survey conducted by International Facility Management Association) shows employees’ complaints on the temperature in the office. Complaints go from “It’s cold enough to hang meat in my office” to “Excessive noise from supply air diffusers”. One thing can be concluded for sure; lots of employees are either too cold or too hot. So how nice would it be to come into the office with freezing hands, take a seat and heat your table top? Yep, that’s now possible with the innovative Ahrend Comfort Workstation, part of the Ahrend Smart Office.

De vernieuwde Comfortwerkplek van Ahrend

The desk will now be available with a heated table top module, which heats quickly because of the special energy boost technology. The heater is adjustable in 5 different temperature heights. Also important, your laptop and keyboard will stay cool because of the special U-shaped heating element, which heatens the body by warming just the wrists. Perfect for cold winter days; always in control of your own personal climate.

Recent scientific research shows that people who cannot influence the indoor climate are expected to be 6.3% less productive and have an average of 33% more ‘sick building complaints’. Check out the positive (evidence based) effects of a personal climate below:

The benefits of a Comfort workstation

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