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Make your employees happy with the perfect employee experience

June 21, 2018 3:43 pm | Door Ahrend

“The future of work is all about the employee experience,” claims researcher Jacob Morgan. Make sure your employees are happy and they will achieve the best results with dedication. But how to make sure your employees step into the office with joy every day? The answer is the optimal employee experience (EX)!

Good experiences, positive results

The creation of the employee experience already starts when you step into an office for the first interview. The principle is the sum of each and every experience you gain inside an organisation – until the second you close the door behind you on your last day of work. Creating positive experience is the perfect way to build a good engagement: dedicated employees that make an effort for their organisation from an intrinsic motivation and pure enthusiasm.

Toegewijde werknemers die vanuit intrinsieke motivatie en met enthousiasme inzetten voor de organisatie.: dat is het doel van de employee experience.

It is not without reason that more and more companies shift their focus from employee engagement to employee experience. Research shows that dedicated employees are more productive, deliver a higher quality of work and get higher customer satisfaction scores. On top of that, absenteeism and attrition rates decrease too!

A weapon in the war for talent

Another reason to invest in the employee experience is the war for talent that is getting more and more fierce. In every industry, organisations realise that they have to distinguish themselves from the competition to attract and keep talent inside their company. That means more flexibility, better technologies to work with and extensive feedback so that employees can be their best version – for themselves and the company!

Step by step

According to research from Deloitte, 80 percent of the CEO’s acknowledge the importance of EX, but only 22 percent considers their own employee experience as positive. Plenty of work to do!

Getting started with the employee experience isn’t complicated, says Morgan. As an organisation, you have to focus on three main aspects: corporate culture, technology and the psychical work environment.

› The corporate culture involves a good interaction between employees. The social relationships we have with our colleagues have a strong influence on our effectivity as well as our perception of our organisation.

› As to the technology aspect, it is about the tools employees need in order to be able to perform their work. Does the organisation offer the right technologies? And can employees also properly use these technologies?

› Finally the physical workspace is seen as one of the most important components of the employee experience. It involves the design of individual and team work spaces and the right environmental factors. But what does the ideal work environment look like?

The ideal workspace

First of all, think about how your office space is arranged. Brainstorming with a group of colleagues or working in silence while being concentrated? A good office is an environment in which employees can carry out their tasks optimally and can use the right and necessary means.  Smart, because research shows that diversity and Activity Related Working can lead to an increase in productivity, a better exchange of knowledge, lower costs and most of all flexibility.

Door Activiteit Gerelateerd te Werken creëer je een omgeving waarin werknemers al hun taken optimaal kunnen uitvoeren.

Also environmental factors, like the right amount of light, an agreeable temperature, an ergonomically set up workspace and enough ventilation can influence one’s productivity positively. Do you want more control over the environmental factors in your office? Try out the Comfort Workstation! Using this desk, employees can change all of these components to their own preference. Extra convenient: connect the desk with the individual ergonomic passport on your phone and it automatically adjusts itself to your personal preferences!


Despite a digitalising society, we remain to have a need for real-life social contact. Successful organisations want to stimulate people getting together to work, to learn and to socially connect. Smart technologies can help organisations achieving this goal. An example is the Ahrend Smart Working app, which allows employees to find their colleagues and free workplaces quick and easy. Especially in open workspaces with flex-workers, this tool can come in handy.

Inspired to improve your employee experience?

Looking for an innovative interior concept to help stimulate the employee experience in your office? Contact one of our interior architects, so we can take a look at the possibilities together!

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