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Plan(t) Your Office Garden

November 10, 2017 1:49 pm | Door Ahrend

It is said that every person should plant at least one tree during their lifetime. But what if we turn this phrase around and say that every person should plant at least one tree at their own office? If everyone does this, will we get an entire real garden?  What does an office garden mean? 

Employees in full bloom
First of all, employees taking care of their own gardens means that they achieve a well-balanced mindset. Why? Because watering plants every day (especially because it only takes 5-10 minutes) works mind-relaxing. It is known that gardening means getting connected to the nature, being beneficial for both the mind and soul. Research has shown that cultivating plants and getting into the routine of taking care of them daily is improving general feelings. Doing this at an office would improve productivity significantly.

Gardening together, growing together
Another strong point is that gardening can be one of the strongest team-building exercises. Employees are more than delighted to build on their friendships and workplace relationships in gardening teams. Be it that you create a new group of people who you discover day to day or you just spend more fruitful time with your friends, gardening is by far a very efficient bonding technique, increasing the team cohesion. This activity creates a sense of camaraderie, linking the employees together under the same pursuit. The garden unifies a working place, making it a real community.

Cultivate your own garden
Nevertheless, working in a garden entails lessons about teamwork that are highly applicable in the office. Seeing the actual results generates a “can do” mentality. The employees achieve a constant growing throughout the team and they grow as their plants bloom. The fascination and passion is transferred in the results obtained in the company. Therefore, the garden becomes a space of tranquility, very much needed, at the same time promoting a sense of engagement.

How to start
It doesn’t matter if you have a rooftop, an outside garden behind the office or just some limited space in a small office. You just have to start from somewhere, taking steps in this direction, bearing fruits in the whole organisation. It can be that there are only some windowsill plants or some other creative alternatives such as vertical gardens or living walls, if the initiative is there, it will make a world of a difference.

There is no need to wait anymore. Start reaping the results and your organisation will be in full bloom very soon!

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