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Smart Workspace Design Summit: The Future Office

November 13, 2017 2:22 pm | Door Ahrend

The #SWDS ’17 was hosted in the Westergasfabriek in Amsterdam. Experts and people from all over the world came together to network, share knowledge and get inspired on future workspaces.

Ahrend teamed up with Avex, Mapiq and Philips and demonstrated their innovative solutions that will shape the office of the future. The Ahrend stand was packed with multiple (SMART) locker providers, acoustic specialists, architects and there even was a Comfort Workstation for try-out.

The new way of working
The two main topics during the event were: how to apply, use and benefit from new technologies in work environments and how to take care of well-being of employees.

By attending talks of companies like Lego and Adidas it was eye opening to see that, within such companies, complete teams are dedicated to improve the work environment for their employees. Some of them have just nothing to do with the new Lego bricks or Adidas running shoes, it’s just the well-being and productivity of their colleagues they care about. This showed us the impact of work environments nowadays, that will (in the end) determine the company’s success. Adidas even came up with a platform called “My Arena”. The platform allows Adidas employees to participate in discussions about their new workspaces.

Ahrend’s stand, together with Philips. Mapiq and Avex

The future office
After a networking lunch, Ahrend’s Marketing & Innovation Director Arnold Struik gave a presentation in cooperation with Mapiq’s CTO Jasper Schuurmans, concerning the essential collaboration of office hardware and software providers, in order to unleash the full potential of office solutions. With a fabulous ‘Trump imitation’, Arnold emphasised that Ahrend products are THÉ BEST products in the world.

And then another trend: the co-working phenomenon. A panel discussion, lead by a guitar playing host, was attended by representatives from WeWork, Next Architects and B.Amsterdam. It was all about flexibility, co-creating and fostering creativity via office environments and accompanied by industrial, living-room-like visuals of such spaces.

Arnold Struik, Marketing & Innovation Director at Ahrend

Well-being is hot!
Many talks were related to the topic “Well-being at work”. We all want to continue our healthy lifestyle at the office.  There were many different angles; from an interior architect, a psychologist and a design researcher; they all shined their own light on well-being in office environments. Interesting! Evelien Koekkoek (interior architect at Ditt officemakers) stated the importance of wellbeing at work, regarding the WELL standard and how safety and openness create valuable trust. Both major contributors to feeling WELL at work!

We definitely hope we demonstrated WELL in showcasing the importance of (creating) a smart workspace, how this can be done and have effect. The future is here already!

All innovative solutions of Ahrend, Philips, Mapiq and Avex

For more information about the smart solutions of Ahrend, check out our Ahrend Smart Office.

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