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The Official Relaunch: A Common Passion for Craftsmanship

November 10, 2017 9:56 am | Door Ahrend

It was the common passion for craftsmanship, design and an extraordinary admiration for the Result Chair, that brought HAY & Ahrend together to relaunch this iconic design. On Wednesday October 25, the festive relaunch of the Result Chair took place at the “De Ploeg”, Bergeijk.

The Result, designed by Friso Kramer & Wim Rietveld, is one the most well-known designs from the 50s. Strong, light and applicable to every environment. At the time the Chair was very spoken  by the shape and use of sheet steel as a material. Today, with its new design, especially remarkable because of its simplistic construction. And the chair is still timeless.

Despite the apparent simplicity, the new design has had a long time coming. During the presentation at “De Ploeg” Rolf HAY pointed out, that the preparation alone had cost a year. Long-term conversations were held, in which considerations were continuously discussed and reviewed while at the same time possibilities were explored. With the ultimate goal: to create the perfect object.

It was clear from the start, that the collaboration with HAY had the potential to revive this Dutch Design Icon and to make it available worldwide for customers in the interior industry. For the private market as well as the business market.

Arnold Struik, Marketing & Innovation Director at Ahrend, opened the event with a warm welcome to a very special guest; Friso Kramer. ‘When I started working for Ahrend three years ago, I had the honor to be invited by Friso Kramer who shared his expertise with me. This is definitely one of my most special and inspiring moments at Ahrend,” said Struik.

Co-founder of HAY, Rolf Hay, took the visitors along the path of the relaunch. “The orginal Result Chair has been my personal favorite for years. The industrial character and refinement of Friso Kramer’s design makes this chair exceptional. The only downside was that the seat was no longer in production and that it was not yet a HAY product, “says HAY with a wink.” Fortunately, we have no changed this together with Ahrend! At HAY, we believe that design should be functional, accessible and payable for everyone. This industrial design perfectly fits our philosophy.”

Rolf Hay also spotted big similarities between de creations from Friso Kramer and Wim Rietveld, and the philosophy of HAY regarding ‘industrial design’. “Working inventively with materials and constructions, while at the same time adding a maximum value, for a decent price. That’s what the Result Chair and Pyramid table are all about.”

For more information about this chair, check out the Result website.

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