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Sleeping at work; is that allowed? Hell yes!

February 7, 2018 12:33 pm | Door Ahrend

We have known it for a while, and this week it was once again confirmed in the Dutch news; by doing an afternoon nap, you become more productive and you can concentrate better. In North-West Europe there is still a certain taboo on it, but in the US and Japan for example, a brief interruption of work by means of a powernap is quite normal. Companies such as Google, Apple and Facebook swear by it.

Experts from NASA to TNS NIPO, they all agree; the powernap should ideally take place after lunchtime and before half past three in the afternoon, and should last between ten and fifteen minutes. Shorter is not effective and longer makes you groggy, because you wake up from a deep sleep.

Loungescape Powernap

For this ‘energy intervention’, Ahrend has developed the Ahrend Loungescape Powernap concept that goes beyond a normal powernap sofa or armchair. It is a semi-open daybed that intuitively makes you feel isolated from the (work) environment. This is amplified by the Activation-program that you can switch on via an app on your smartphone. The combination of relaxed music via the headphone and the vibrations of the ‘Whole Body Vibration’ technique ensure that you can completely relax for twelve minutes. Because the music and vibrations automatically stop, you don’t fall into a deep sleep and you wake up pleasantly.

However this short, refreshing ‘boost’ does not solve chronic sleep deprivation, it will feel like you have just enjoyed a short vacation. With the result that you are completely refreshed in the last part of the day, which is beneficial for the productivity and well-being! It is like taking a step back to take two steps forward. An advantage for both employer and employee! And how nice is it as an employee, that your employer does everything to keep you healthy and fit and offers you these kinds of facilities during working hours? Empowered by Ahrend Loungescape Powernap!

Try it out yourself?

Currently the finishing touches are being made to the first prototypes and they are available to try from mid-March this year at the Ahrend Inspiration Centre in Amsterdam. Are you curious and do you want to try this yourself? Please contact us.

Loungescape Powernap

Designer Basten Leijh is doing some final tests before the Ahrend Loungescape Powernap can be tried out at the Ahrend Inspiration Centre.


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