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These are the trends we saw at the Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair

March 14, 2018 10:04 am | Door Ahrend

The Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair is one of the largest design exhibitions of Scandinavia . The perfect place to get inspired for the upcoming year! Ahrend went to visit the fair and will show you the most remarkable interior trends in this blog!

Round is the new square

Curves are hot and therefore fully present in 2018. Rounded seatings give spaces an elegant feeling, but are also very comfortable. Also in desks and tables round of even oval shapes cannot be missed.

But this trend goes further. These round shapes can also be seen in benches, seat legs and table legs. Think of a rounded bench with round legs, in front of a table or freestanding for a casual look. And even in accessories we can see round, beautifully detailed elements. For example in Plug and Play-devices, that allow you to work easily and quick in every place. The Ahrend PuK can be perfectly integrated in every environment and even in our Loungescape furniture!

Round is the new square


A colourful office

Playing with interesting colour combinations is still allowed this year. Soft pastel shades like pink and green can be styled easily with robust colours like dark red and navy blue. Give your office space that little bit extra with accents of metal in carbon black or a bright colour. Do you dare to go even further? Golden details can give your office a stylish touch.

Soft colours combined with dark accents
Source: Pinterest

Also numerous classics have made their comeback. With a small upgrade these models get a complete new life, like our Result chair. With a separate back seat and visible anchoring points, this chair fits completely in the current trends.

Klassiekers zoals de Result stoel zijn terug van weggeweest.


Mix and match with materials

Not only colours can be mixed, you can also combine different materials. For a luxurious look you can drape your furniture with velvet fabrics. Mixed with leather items, your furniture will get a bold look. The Ahrend SQALA easily combines different materials: the Style and Soft-version gives you an infinite amount of styling possibilities.

The combination of wood and steel is one that cannot be ignored. A high, robust table with a frame of steel can be decorated with lighting and plants, which give the place a cosy feeling – even at your office. By adding Plug and Play-devices, this table become a real flexible place to work.

Een houten tafel met stalen frame wordt een flexibele werkplek


Working together in flexible work spaces

These variable work spaces are the ideal place for employees to work together on projects. Small offices can be designed to your own taste so that you will be optimally inspired. The Ahrend Flexbox is an extended version of a space-in-space work place. An (in)formal meeting, phone call or some concentrated working: these transparant, lockable boxes are ideal for every occassion and offer you the perfect acoustics.

Ahrend Flexbox in the Ahrend Inspiration Centre


Combine all you want and make your office environment an inspiring and comfortable place to work. Do it yourself or get some help from one of our interior architects.

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