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These Cool Interior Trends Are Translated Into Ahrend’s Office Solutions

November 7, 2017 10:02 am | Door Ahrend

One of the most striking interior trends of 2017 is the use of colour. Colour and joy are trending! For many years we have seen the use of grey and earth tints, but in 2017 it is getting more popular to use vibrant colours. The so-called ‘colour-blocking’ has had its breakthrough into the office environment. Workspaces get decorated in more peaceful colours, the surrounding area’s get more personality by adding colour to them.


Besides colour, intimacy is a trending topic in 2017. Because of the ‘open’ flexible offices, more people want a working environment where they can work in privacy, with the emphasis on a more focussed working method. The Ahrend Flexbox for instance, can be used to comfortably retreat from the surrounding office space.

The last significant trend is the growing use of plants in interior design. Did you know that an office with plants, increases the happiness and productivity of its users? Even when the plants are fake, productivity still rises with 15%. So it’s definitely worth the effort!

Deloitte - The Edge

To round up your trendy working environment, Ahrend can furnish your workspace with stylish art objects , wall prints and rugs(like the carpets from ‘Eden Queen’ and the ‘Delft Blue Plate’ rug from Moooi).

Studio Afdeling Ahrend

Ahrend’s studio department is of course, well-informed about the latest interior trends as well as the product developments regarding the product ranges of our suppliers. The ability to choose from the vast fabrics collection(containing fabrics from Kvadrat and ReBlend) enables our interior designers to consult clients in an optimal manner. It also offers space to present relevant trends in their interior proposals.


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