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This is how to express your brand in an office interior

April 26, 2018 1:58 pm | Door Ahrend

A beautiful brand needs to be expressed perfectly in a three dimensional space. But that involves more than simply placing your logo on every wall, chair and shoe in your interior, says Vivian van Schagen. The designer of studio The Invisible Party explained everything about it during an inspirational session in our Design Hub Rotterdam.

Unique brand values

The experts of The Invisible Party know better than anyone how important it is to communicate your brand’s values in your interior. But to do that properly, you have to make some well thought-out decisions. Vivian: ‘It is important to clearly state your most important brand values. Take a close look at your mission statement, target consumer, tone of voice and corporate identity.’ Extensive research can serve as a good inspiration. Look into your archives for interesting events or experiments. ‘If you are exactly sure what you want to communicate, it is time for the concrete realisation,’ explains Vivian.

Vivian van Schagen during the event in the Design Hub Rotterdam

It’s in the little things

Styling of the tiniest details is for The Invisible Party most important in this process. ‘Each object must be imbued with the values of a brand,’ says Vivian. This can be done by using certain materials, colours, furniture and styling. ‘Think of an embroidered bedcover, custom-designed pillows and the colour of your curtains. This way you express your brand three dimensionally.’

“Decide what makes your brand unique and incorporate that in every detail: from the front door to the cookie that comes with your coffee.”
– Vivian

On the basis of interesting case studies, Vivian shows a couple of concrete examples. ‘The Student Hotel in Maastricht was built in the former sanitary ware fabric Sphinx. We showed that aspect by placing banners with old designs from the fabric. We also placed porcelain in the book shelfs. It’s in the little things!’ The Invisible Party also helped W Amsterdam to express their brand. ‘Each room of the hotel has its own ‘house number’, that is inspired on the enamel plates that can be seen on old canal houses in Amsterdam. This way we make every project unique.’

The Invisible Party styled every detail of The Student Hotel in Maastricht

Design Hub Rotterdam

Enough inspiration to work with! Are you looking for an inspiring workplace where you as an (interior) architect can work out new ideas? The Design Hub Rotterdam is the ideal work- and meeting space. Use our extended library of materials and discuss the perfect interior with the experts of Ahrend, Kvadrat, Interface, Vescom and PD Lighting. For an appointment, contact us via info@designhubrotterdam.nl. We are open from Monday till Friday between 8.30 and 17.00. See you soon!

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