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Ready for Tomorrow?

November 23, 2017 2:59 pm | Door Ahrend

The 2-yearly exhibition – especially for HR and facility professionals – was dedicated to Human Experience this year. The fair emphasized that close cooperation between both business departments is essential in creating a working environment that binds and interests. How it was? Check out the recap report from Ahrend at Tomorrow@Work 2017!

It’s all about experience
You could find Ahrend in the Experience Room, represented with the innovative and fully personalisable Comfort Workstation. Surrounded by various facility service providers such as coffee innovator TopBrewer and Management System specialist Planon, all interested parties were able to both see and experience all the elements of the Ahrend Comfort Workstation themselves.

How to create a smart and healthy work environment– College van Arnold Struik
In addition to the Experience Room, Ahrend’s Marketing & Innovation Director Arnold Struik provided a lecture in which he discussed the latest trends and developments in the field of new work environments. During this well-attended lecture, he showed how smart innovations can create a healthy work environment that stimulates employees’ productivity and health. A work environment that both keeps and attracts talent. He emphasized how important the interaction between employees and space and facility quality was, and that just an occupancy measurement is no longer sufficient. In order to be able to estimate the productivity of the employee, the occupancy rate must be linked to the effectiveness of a workplace.

JLL’s Winning Workplace Award goes to…
Around noon the winner of the JLL’s Winning Workplace Award 2017 was announced at the fair. VGZ succeeded in convincing the 7-member Jury with their office (designed by their own employees), focused on vitality, agility and independence. By doing so, they left behind competitors Plantronics and Enexis.

From ownership to usage
The key to understanding the future is one word: sustainability . The circular economy received (its deserved) attention, under the guise of a “pay-per-use” business model. This model stands for paying for usage instead of investing in ownership. According to one of the speakers, this business model is essential in creating and maintaining a circular economy. Why? Because used products remain in the cycle through revitalisation and reuse. By arranging processes this way we will all contribute to a circular economy.

The Ahrend Comfort Workstation is an example of a product that is sold by this business model. For a fixed amount per month, the Comfort Workstation can be used in the office. Ahrend remains the owner of the product and therefore keeps it in the circular cycle. At the Ahrend Comfort Workstation, everything can be set to your own liking. From heating to ventilation, lighting and height. The result: paying for usage on an individual level and healthy, creative and productive employees. This saves costs and – at the same time – contributes to sustainable objectives.

Pay-per-use takes its wins over the “old-fashioned” possession

A mini-survey among visitors, carried out by a graduate student at Ahrend Corbin Joosen, showed that about 60% of the respondents prefer pay-per-use above investing in ownership. Furthermore, all respondents preferred the well-being of employees over office aesthetics.

We can conclude that it was an inspiring day, full of inspiration, innovation and positive energy for the workplace of the future! Are you ready for Tomorrow?

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