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Want a faster recovery? It’s time for a healing environment

August 17, 2018 1:42 pm | Door Ahrend

A healing environment for patients is more than a trend within hospitals and health facilities. No surprise, as a pleasant environment reduces stress and influences your well-being positively. The result? A faster recovery and a lower need for medication. In this blog, we explain you everything about this healing concept!

Away with stress

Pain, sickness and the accompanying worries cause stress – and let stress be the number one thing that does not improve your recovery during a hospitalization. By creating a healing environment you can reduce many of these complaints. Different researches show that the physical interior of a space influences the health, sleep, social interaction and satisfaction positively. Not only for patients, but also for family and employees!

Een goed ingerichte herstelomgeving biedt verschillende voordelen voor patiënt, familie en personeel.

Roger Ulrich already researched the effect of surrounding on patients in the eighties. He compared two groups of patients that got their gall-bladder removed. The one group recovered with a view of a beautiful green surrounding, while the other group could ‘enjoy’ a grey, stone wall. The results qere not quite bad. Because guess what? The group that could enjoy green trees and colorfull plants had a shorter hospitalization, was less negative and used less pain-killers.

Just like home

If you want to create such a healing environment, the interior is probably the first thing you think about. Of course decoration is a matter of taste, but the most important is that the space does not make you think of sickness and healthcare. You want to achieve that patients associate their surroundings with home! This way they get a familiar and safe feeling. Pretty and comfortable furniture, art and other ornaments are a good way to start off. And don’t forget the flowers and plants!

The next step

But creating a good healing environment goes beyond the interior alone. There are also psychological and social aspects that make a patient feel comfortable and reduce stress: control, privacy and social support.

Boss in your own hospital bed
Whether it is at home or at work: we all have the need to adjust a surrounding to our own preference and use this in our own way. And especially when we don’t feel well, it is nice to have the possibility to control things like the temperature, ventilation, lightening or darkening. You will notice that patients feel much more at home because of this!

More privacy
Just like in our everyday life we want to decide for ourselves when we are on our own and when we are with other people. Single rooms are a convenient and useful solution for this need for privacy. The renewed Erasmus MC already provides these single rooms and notices that the duration of the hospitalization  decreases. The patients feel much more at ease to have a conversation with their doctor and ask questions, and next to this they can control simple things like visiting hours, when they want to make phone calls, watch television or even if they want the door opened or closed.

You don’t have to go home tonight
Your need for social contact will increase when you are hospitalized. Because in an unexpected and unpredictable situation, it is nice to have familiar people around you. But if friends and family have to leave in the evening, the nights can feel quite lonely. In single bedrooms you can add furniture that stimulates social interaction easily. The Rooming-in is an example of such a solution. During the day, your visitors can sit at the table, at night you convert it to a comfortable bed using the convenient loops. Both enjoyable and stress reducing!

A healing environment is different for each organization. A real custom-made job. Do you want to get more information about these healing environments and how to design such a space? Contact our interior architects for your personal inspiring and healing concept!

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